Just Might Get It Right

by Peter Galperin



A genre-defying EP about lost love and hope, both resigned and wistful with folk, classic-rock, zydeco, and bossa nova influences... a complex, unique work... infectious.


released October 15, 2014



all rights reserved


Peter Galperin New York, New York

Peter Galperin writes songs about the people, places and things that he loves, with a healthy combination of humor, skepticism, and honesty. In a unique musical style that fuses the rhythms of South America and West Africa with rock, country and folk melodies. He admits to what he doesn't understand and questions what he already knows. ... more

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Track Name: Not A Day Goes By
(verse 1)
I heard a song in the car playing on the radio today,
Reminded me of a summer many years ago.
We were fooling around in the back of my old Pontiac,
Where we were learning what we didn’t know.

But not a day goes by, when I don’t think about you.
Not a day goes by, I hope you think of me too.
‘cause you know me, I know that you do,
Not a day goes by, when I don’t think about you.

(verse 2)
I left this town when I was 21 searching for the rainbows end,
‘cause I was pretty sure you had something else on your mind.
the mirror might disagree, but we’re still the same ol’ kids,
except that now, we got a little less time.

We’re older now than we ever thought we’d be,
but please, please don’t make a fuss.
The years have added up, and it doesn’t seem quite fair,
But it happens to the best of us.
Track Name: Another Love
(verse 1)
I thought I knew what was in her heart,
until she told me what was on her mind.
She said I should have known, that we’d grown apart,
I’ve heard that said too many times.
She felt I didn’t care, so she fell in another man’s arms,
It makes her feel better but it hurts me so.

Another love, another love, I’ve been this way before,
a few more tries and I just might get it right.

(verse 2)
She says we need to talk, that’s when I know it’s time,
for her to tell me all my faults.
I better toe the line she says, or soon she’ll be gone,
Through tears she asks me what I want.
She thought I never cared enough,
and that pushed her into another man’s arms,
It makes her feel better, but it hurts me so.

Another love, another love, I’ve been this way before,
A few more tries and I just might get it right.
Another love, another love, walking out my front door,
a few more tries and I just might get it right.

Why does love go so wrong, when it starts out so right,
Why do two people cause such pain,
So many memories of the love that we shared,
now all we share is the blame.
Track Name: Bring Her Back
(verse 1)
I thought our days would last forever,
I had no sense of space and time.
Never had a single thought of love dying
As long as I was looking into her eyes.

Can you help me find the girl that I used to love,
Can you help me remember how we used to be.
Can you help me feel her again, even though I know
no one can bring her back to me.

(verse 2)
The flames of passion have burned down to embers,
I try to tell myself that that’s okay.
that there’ll be other warm embraces,
Another love lies just one spark away.

I keep tossing round in circles
Wondering how it came to this,
I hope she knows that I never let go,
In dreams I still wake up to her kiss.
Track Name: Hate To Admit It
(verse 1)
I can’t help but wonder, about what might have been.
Turning back the pages to give us time again.
Whoever we were, and whoever we’ve become,
I thought I had the answers when we were young…

I hate to admit it now, when I’m feeling so blue.
I hate to admit it now, I should have stayed with you.

(verse 2)
Some things I don’t remember, some things I’d can’t forget,
if time erases everything, I’ll still have time to regret.
I guess you saw it coming, when you said we’d never last,
But I still hear the echoes of our past…

We were too young... So very young...
Beautiful and young... We were so young…
Track Name: Angel Tonight
(verse 1)
I’ve been bruised, and I’ve been battered,
I’ve been knocked down yet somehow survived.
I’ve been stunned and I’ve been staggered,
Seems kind of lucky that I’m still alive.
So I try to keep a little bit of faith,
Just in case I need some help at heaven’s gate.

I might be wrong, but what if I’m right…
I think I saw an angel, I think I saw an angel tonight.

(verse 2)
I’ve got my doubts that she’s real,
wouldn’t that be something if she walked up to me.
maybe she’s someone I should believe in,
Before I wake up and find it’s all a dream.
so I’ll try to keep a little bit of faith,
just in case I need some help at heaven’s gate.

Over my shoulder where she’s standing all alone,
The faintest smile across her lips is all I can see.
Just a fleeting moment, but it’s enough to give me hope,
that there's an angel, and she's watching over me.