A Disposable Life

by Peter Galperin

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released April 30, 2013



all rights reserved


Peter Galperin New York, New York

Peter Galperin writes songs about the people, places and things that he loves, with a healthy combination of humor, skepticism, and honesty. In a unique musical style that fuses the rhythms of South America and West Africa with rock, country and folk melodies. He admits to what he doesn't understand and questions what he already knows. ... more

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Track Name: A Disposable Life
(verse 1)
Bought some organic groceries,
High-priced fruits and veggies too.
Though I’m not a certified healthnut,
I might be one, compared to you.
I really should read more closely,
Labels with an expiration date,
Because it seems I’m always tossing
Out items meant for my dinner plate.

I need to hold on tightly,
Or I’ll end up with a disposable life.
I need to hold on tightly,
Or I’ll end up with a disposable life.

(verse 2)
Cell phones ringing in my pocket,
But it’s been acting kind of strange,
It’s time for a serious upgrade,
Cause I always seem to be out of range.
The toner light is flashing,
Begging for a fresh cartridge or two.
It’s too late to go to Kinkos,
I’ll just shake it up, and hope that’ll do.

(verse 3)
I can’t buy distressed clothing,
Shouldn’t that happen naturally,
So that all the tears and tatters
mean something special, especially to me.
Track Name: There's No Future
(verse 1 & 3)
I can’t believe what I hear, I can’t believe what I see.
Are TV wars with gameshow hosts the way it has to be?
When things go from bad to worse, and experts don’t know why,
It’s so much easier to put the blame on the other guy.

There’s no future, in what they say, There’s no future, it’s gone today
There’s no future, like you’ve been told, There’s no future, when you get old. It’s just another bad year for the world.

(verse 2)
The headlines say that we’re going down, spinning out of control.
And the best that we can hope to do is the status quo?

Why aren’t we out marching in the streets, we should be rattling some bones, but all we care about are cellphone apps and custom ringtones.

Who can tell us where we’re going, who can tell us that we’re lost.
Each new crisis leaves us searching for some new Jesus, someone to bear the cost.
Track Name: Bubblewrap
(verse 1)
When I’m feeling kind of anxious,
from an urge that’s deep inside...

Just give me some bubblewrap, I just wanna pop it.
A little more bubblewrap, you know I can’t stop it.
Don’t you love bubblewrap, nothing can top it.
Just give me some bubblewrap, I just gotta pop it.

(verse 2)
All my troubles are soon forgotten,
as these little bubbles come alive.

(verse 3)
I’ve grown addicted to this pleasure,
each burst of air gives me a lift.
I’ll take plastic over treasure,
just give me wrap, and skip the gift.

(verse 4)
If only life could be protected,
I’d wrap you up and let you go…
every threat would be deflected,
you’d be safe, from head to toe.

(final chorus)
Just give me some bubblewrap, I just wanna pop it.
A little more bubblewrap, don’t even try to stop it.
Don’t you love bubblewrap, nothing can top it.
Just give me some bubblewrap, you know I’m gonna pop it.
Ohh, bubblewrap, I just wanna pop it
Umm, bubblewrap, nothing can top it.
Ahh, bubblewrap, I’m never gonna stop it.
Ohh, bubblewrap, I’m never gonna stop it.
Track Name: What Are The Odds?
(verse 1)
How do you grow fresh vegetables on a planet made of ice?
Does everything suffer from freezerburn?
Are the traffic lights synchronized, or do drivers sit and curse
as they listen to a cosmic Howard Stern?

When you’re 100 thousand light-years from the sun,
does that mean you always have to wear a hat and gloves?
A night sky with multiple moons must be romantic indeed.
Even alien creatures need love.

Is our tiny blue planet, the only one of it’s kind.
I wonder is earth life’s only home?
But with billions of planets circling millions of suns,
What are the odds that we’re all alone?

(verse 2)
Do they dream of a better future for their kids?
Are they saving on a tax-free college plan?
Would they be our friends, or a nuisance or a plague,
Will they be in a lifeform we’d understand?

(verse 3)
If intelligent life exists somewhere in outer space,
why would they want to chat with us?
You’d think they’d have better things to do with their time,
but maybe, just maybe, they’re curious.
Track Name: (No One's) Better Off Dead
(verse 1/chorus 1)
Everyday I wake up, well that’s good enough for me.
The options not attractive, so I’ll aim for longevity.
Dark and painful thoughts may linger from the night before,
But a breath of oxygen clears my head... ohh.
Daylight brings a sense of life worth fighting for,
Because no one’s... better off dead.

(verse 2/chorus 2)
Life doesn’t always go smoothly, sometimes I’m a basket case.
Unexplained forces try to keep me in my place.
It might seem like the end of the world, but I know it rarely is.
A breath of oxygen clears my head... ohh,
I hope I can look back some day and see this as a turning point,
Because no one’s... better off dead.

I apologize this doesn’t cover sickness and disease, but that’s a song best left unsung.
No one will be watching when you make your final peace, we all leave here one by one...

(verse 3/chorus 3)
I feel so foolish, ‘cause I’ve messed up once again.
This time it’s serious, I really screwed a friend.
How could I be so thoughtless, I must be borderline.
But a breath of oxygen clears my head... ohh.
I’ll beg forgiveness and promise to never again,
Because no one’s... better off dead (4x)

Better off dead (3x)
Track Name: Rainy Day Games
(verse 1)
Jumping from chair to chair with a blanket tied on my back,
I could fly through the air and make a sneak attack.
Just my dog and me knew how dangerous this could be,
saving the world from evil must be taken so seriously.

The carpets were magic and the cupboards held rich rewards,
other kids might complain but I was never bored...

When I played... I played rainy day games.
And I played... I played rainy day games.

(verse 2)
Watching Tarzan movies on dreary afternoons,
I was so sure the jungle was just outside my room.
Hiding under the kitchen table, waiting for our prey,
oh, my little dog and me, oh yeah we’d save the day.

An empty box became a hide-out from grownup view,
and all the junk in the basement was always put to use...

though now I’m older, and the games have all changed,
I still don’t mind too much... when it rains…

Because I played... I played rainy day games.
Track Name: Straight Towards The Sun
(verse 1)
I had so many good ideas, so far ahead of my time,
I was as modern as Le Corbusier.
But history is full of wrong turns and ideals get left behind.
Please don’t blame me, I can’t be as bad as they say.

(chorus) 2X
I couldn’t see a thing,
Because the light was in my eyes.
I was heading straight towards the sun.

(verse 2)
No one can say that I didn’t do my job,
Like it or not, I got things done.
Though Roosevelt and Rockefeller will never be my friends,
I can admit, I don’t like what I’ve become.

I wanted to transform the world, make it a better place,
I only wanted what was best for you.

I realize that the times have changed, and I’ve been left behind,
But look at me now, what else can I do.

(chorus) 4X
I couldn’t see a thing,
Because the light was in my eyes.
I was heading straight towards the sun.
Track Name: Doggie Gift
(verse 1)
He sniffs at every planter, and pees on every pot
so happy that his owner is taking him for a walk.
He’s cute and warm and fuzzy, a bundle of love and joy.
He just wants to please her, hear her say good boy…

She’s cold in just a sweater, she should have grabbed her coat.
She hates this nasty weather, hates tugging at his throat.
She had such good intentions, she loved him as a pup.
Paid for all his lessons in the hopes that he’d grow up…

Watch your step on the sidewalk, no one’s watching out for you.
Make no mistakes on the pavement, it’s no ordinary goo.
Don’t look up for a second, or risk another ruined shoe.
A souvenir from the doggies, a doggie gift for you.

(verse 2)
Wasting precious minutes, finding the perfect spot.
Getting down to business, but there’s one thing she forgot.
She doesn’t have the baggy, and she’s running out of time,
She hopes that no one sees her, leave this mess behind…

(verse 3)
He watches her from the newstand, almost every day.
But today he’s going to greet her, he knows just what to say.
He looks in both directions, before racing across the street,
He’s just about to meet her, when something slips beneath his feet…