Perfect World Today

by Peter Galperin

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released July 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Peter Galperin New York, New York

Peter Galperin writes songs about the people, places and things that he loves, with a healthy combination of humor, skepticism, and honesty. In a unique musical style that fuses the rhythms of South America and West Africa with rock, country and folk melodies. He admits to what he doesn't understand and questions what he already knows. ... more

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Track Name: Wonders of the World
(verse 1)
Today we’re leaving on a big trip.
Our bags have been all packed for weeks in advance.
Reservations have been confirmed,
We’ll try to sleep on the plane, if we get a chance.

Seeing the sights with the tourists,
we’ll stand in long lines cause we’re not alone.
Fighting the crowds to see the wonders of the world,
sometimes... I’d rather stay home.

(verse 2)
We picked our hotel from a travel website,
all the reviews said it was the best deal in town.
The rooms are smaller than we thought they would be,
with all of our luggage there’s hardly room to move around.

(verse 3)
Took a tour today and learned about history,
The guide says an ancient culture once lived right here.
But they disappeared without leaving a trace,
and left nothing behind except cheap souvenirs.
Track Name: A Decent Cup
(verse 1)
Sitting in the morning sunlight,
I can’t get started without a cup of joe.
I think I’ll brew up some Jamaican,
Buy ten pounds, get one for free, that’s good to know.

I need to get... a decent cup of coffee. I’m so upset...
I need more foam.
I need to have... a decent cup of coffee,
just like the ones we drank in Rome.

(verse 2)
A nice warm mug and I’m in business,
because without it, my day could be rough.
Mix Sumatra with Italian, I’ve got some non-fat milk,
but will it be enough?

I need to get... a decent cup of coffee.
Not the crap they serve on planes.
I need to find... a decent cup of coffee,
and feel it deep inside my veins.

(verse 3)
Won’t you join me for a nitecap?
But after six it has to be de-caf for me.
Or I’ll be tossing, and turning,
instead of dreaming of my sweet caffeine.
Track Name: Brand New Gadget
(verse 1)
I’ve got a brand new gadget, meant to give you joy,
relationship enhancement, much more than just a toy.
But I hope and pray that when the batteries aren’t on,

Our love... will still be going strong.
la la la la la la la la la ahh
la la la la la la la la la ahh

(verse 2)
An online prescription just arrived today.
Warning: unintended side effects might get in the way.
But I’ll take that chance and hope that when these pills are gone,

Our love... will still be going strong.
la la la la la la la la la ahh
la la la la la la la la la ahh

The level of anxiety has risen in society, and I’m way above the norm.
Even if I had no other thoughts, no taxes, bills or terror plots,
I’m still expected to perform.

(verse 3)
Bought an adult dvd, let’s slip it in and see.
The action’s fast, the plot is thin, it doesn’t do much for me.
And even when trained professionals get it all wrong,

Our love... will still be going strong.
la la la la la la la la la ahh
la la la la la la la la la ahh
Track Name: Perfect World Today
(verse 1)
Look out my window at the birds sitting on the fence, the winter snow will soon be gone.
The kids will play outside until dark like we used to do, while the summer days grow long.

It doesn’t get any better than this, Isn’t it a perfect world, today.
It doesn’t get any better than this, Isn’t it a perfect world, today.

(verse 2)
We’ve got HD and a thousand channels on demand, the bad news never looked so clear.
Distant wars are fought so that we can live in Camelot, with every freedom, except from fear.

We’ve been caught up in a slow retreat, like glaciers flowing towards the sea.
But it’s not too late to leave this comfort zone rethink how we live and breath.

(verse 3)
Brand new SUVs fill the parking lots of suburban malls, hauling all the goods we’ve been sold.
While blue skies float above so many ordinary lives, another roadside bomb explodes.
Track Name: Action Figure Hero
(verse 1)
He’s got a shiny silver cape that gives him superpowers. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, not during business hours.

And when the innocent get hurt, he doesn’t seem to care.
it never occurs to him that he’s the one to blame...

‘cause he’s an action figure hero (yeah, yeah, yeah),
an action figure hero (yeah, yeah, yeah).

(verse 2)
Because evil never sleeps, he’s always guarding our nation.
He’ll show up just when things look bleak, unless it’s during his vacation.

He’s in command, the stars and stripes are blowing.
He’s got a plan, to keep the profits flowing.
Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, North Korea.
He’ll take a stand to save me and you.

(verse 3)
When ideologies collide, you can see he’s a true believer,
that God and guns are on his side. There goes our fearless leader.
Track Name: Hey Little One
(verse 1)
Wake up, sleepyhead, rise and shine, get out of bed.
Put your dreams on hold, I know you want to get older,
but when you do I’ll be older too.

(verse 2)
What will you grow up to be? So many possibilities.
Now go and play with your friends, I’m not sure when childhood ends,
but when it does I hope I’m still here for you.

Hey, little one, you’re a miracle.
I could swear you’ve grown by an inch or two,
since you went to bed last night.

Hey, little one, you’re my hero,
with a plastic sword and a cardboard shield,
and a mask you made that looks so real.

(verse 3)
Soon enough you’ll be grown,
with a life all your own.
And of all the things that I’ll miss,
your smile, your laugh, it’s the little kiss
you give me when you go out the door to school.

(verse 4)
Tell me what you learned today?
Did you study the Milky Way?
So when you look at the stars tonight,
just squint your eyes and you might
see something you’ve never seen before.
Track Name: You Know It's Over
(verse 1)
The shot rings out, the victim’s almost dead,
the body falls, a bloody mess on the bed.
She never thought it would come to this, all she wanted, she confessed... was one more kiss, one more kiss.

He looks in her eyes, she smiles then she signs, you know it’s over... you know it’s over.
The credits have run, it’s all said and done, you know it’s over... you know it’s over.

(verse 2)
They met when she was just a girl.
He taught her well, and they traveled the world.
He never thought it would come to this, all he wanted, he confessed...
was one more kiss, one more kiss.

(verse 3)
But someone else got involved,
complications that couldn’t easily be solved.
They made plans for one last rondevous,
a little hideaway, in a town they both knew.